Deconstructed Live: Anvil Records DJ Set

The connection with Anvil Recordings – home of Turin Brakes, The Pangs, Kitty Bronx and a slew of others – came about from Brighton’s Minister of Suave Victor Malloy, who recommended Turin Brakes’ keyboard supremo Phil Marten and the band’s manager Phil Passera to Deconstructed Live.  The two Phil’s arrived in rock and roll style, with a tour van full of crew, Ollie from the band turned up on the night for a pint, and it was also hard to forget the duffel coated Mercury Award nominee Fionn Regan (new album out January 2010), an unexpected bonus, who kindly played in the bar the following afternoon for nothing more than a Bloody Mary, before we all retired to the beach for a kick about.

The pair arrived laden down with Anvil goodies, including some 7″ rarities for members of the crowd that rocked the hardest, and threw themselves into a set which was undoubtedably the product of touring, with the best of the world’s record shops picked over, frippering away the money misguidedly given to musicians on the understanding that they  spend this on food and other essentials. There was little straightforward about this weekend then, but herein lies an awesome collection of music and the very essence of what Deconstructed was about. It took me four years to pick up every record they played, but I managed it in the end. Enjoy the first half of their set, but don’t fret, there’s plenty more where this came from.

Turin Brakes 1 -Http://Www.Deconstructed.Co.Uk by Deconstructed on Mixcloud

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