Deconstructed Live: Superstar DJ Tat (NY Sushi) DJ Set

Deconstructed Live #17 featured longstanding DC sparring partner Andy Tattersall. Tat rose from Sheffield’s musical underbelly in the late eighties, part of a movement which also spawned the Warp label and a plethora of producers. Studio excursions were accompanied by a DJ ascension which took him from pirate radio through Hard Times and Creamfields before taking up a residency at the all encompassing NY Sushi, Tat’s crate digging sets utilising phenomenal turntable skills to flit between the very best of funk, hip hop, techno and deep house. The set is eclectic, hip hop, crowd pleasers, old school, all thrown up in the mix; Redman on.

Now a weekly resident on Conspiracy Worldwide, with his brilliant Wildstyle show,  his shows can be caught live or streamed on Conspiracy’s site or for download at Tat’s Soundcloud.


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