Deconstructed Live: Riton/Eine Kleine Nacht Muzik DJ Set

Grand Central made their first excursion west of Bristol via sonic emissary Henry Smithson.  When not unleashing champion sounds through his superb Switch label, Henry could be found sketching out a strange brew of downtempo soul by way of Rae & Christian’s legendary imprint – his ‘Beats Du Jour’ LP as Riton described by The Face as “rocking like a submerged volcano.”

I’d just caught Henry at the right time, as he’d done a few EP’s on his own label, Switch, based in Newcastle before signing to Grand Central. I’d reviewed a few records, and approached him through the label. Then playing out quite a bit, but prior to his hanging out with Soulwax and residency at the 333, he came down to grace Deconstructed Live #20 for a minute fee and a free tea.

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