Deconstructed Live: Rich Thair (Red Snapper) DJ Set

When we started Deconstructed Live, we tried to get as many West Country musicians in the mix. Luke Vibert, Mark Pritchard, Up, Bustle & Out, Quantic, Metamatics/Norken, Jon Kennedy, Defocus and Tom Middleton all graced our decks, as well as representatives from the formidable Rephlex Records. Indeed, it was DC alumni Jon Tye from Lo Recordings, himself based in Devon, who hooked us up with Warp’s Bristol supergroup Red Snapper.

Although he was recording as Toob back then, Bristol’s Rich Thair perhaps remained best known for his part in Red Snapper, the audio alchemists who created a hybrid of funk instrumentation & skittish electronics which culminated in a set of critically acclaimed longplayers for Warp Records.  His superb DJ set, from DC #42 and recorded in May 2002, consisted dubby breaks, techno and a smattering of Snapper. Recently reformed and currently touring, their new album “Key” is out on V2 now.

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