Deconstructed Live: Nick Luscombe (Xfm, Flo Motion) DJ Set

Nick Luscombe had worked in radio for almost ten years, as a sound engineer and as a radio producer and presenter, making documentaries about international club and pop music, before joining XFm with his influential Flo Motion show. In 2000 he put together a compilation CD of new Japanese club music, which was picked up for Japanese distribution, and which also saw him invited to DJ in Kyoto, Japan. He played alongside one of his favourite DJ/producers, Yukihiro Fukutomi, and also with the Chillscape record label in a club called the Loft in Tokyo.

With commercial radio dutifully fulfilling the endless thirst of the masses for nostalgia and pop pap, it was been left to a handful of selectors to represent the cutting edge. While Peterson held the fort at Radio One and Ross Allen maintained a show on London Live, Nick Luscombe served as championed all things left of centre via his Sunday evening slot on XFM. Loving his show, I invited him to play Deconstructed Live #27, his set is one of very few where I’ve had trouble identifying the records – obscurities, preview copies and promos a plenty. If you clock something I’ve not spotted, drop a comment.

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