Deconstructed Live: Metamatics/Norken DJ Set

MetamaticsAnother West Country booking for Deconstructed Live, Lee Norris coming as a tip from Deconstructed irregulars Doug Hart and Clair Defocus, having recorded for their Hydrogen Dukebox and Clear record labels respectively (as well as District Six, Irma, Instinct and Skam).

Lee’s work under the Metamatics & Norken (check also Man-Q-Neon and Nacht Plank) monikers was characterized by a fusion of humanized slivers to lattice like rhythm sections & fluttering melodics, a combination which saw his own Neo Ouija imprint bloom into one of the UK’s most progressive techno outlets. The set itself is smooth, lovely wintry electronica and Motor City electronic funk…the way nature intended techno to be. Sets from Doug and Clair to follow…

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