Deconstructed Live: Loop Professor/Dynamic Syncopation DJ Set

Ben Allen and Herbaliser producer Jonny Cuba offered a widescreen take on the hip-hop movement.  Their debut Dynamism rocked blocks, where slick brass jostled for attention amongst sophisticated orchestration. I loved their sound, still rock their In The Red debut album now and again, and they well represented a great period for UK hip-hop, with labels like Jazz Fudge dropping more interesting beats in the early noughties, before things went a wrong again.

Far from the glamour of LA, DSP DJ the Loop Professor (aka Ben Allen) was delivered to the West Country via National Express, not quite realising who far it was, and an early coach out precluded him from the usual Deconstructed Live #30 beach trip. Amazing skills (check out Ben on the cut, 30 minutes in), brilliant selection of funk and soul and a charming fellah to boot – enjoy the set. If anyone knows where they are now, drop me us a comment.

Dynamic Syncopation Dj Set Www.Deconstructed.Co.Uk by Deconstructed on Mixcloud

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