Deconstructed Live: Broadway Project (Memphis Industries) DJ Set

Ollie Jacob, the A&R maestro behind Memphis Industries – discoverer of The Go! Team, amongst others – was one of the earliest DJ’s to brave the turntables. I’d supported the label through a magazine column for a while, and had waxed lyrical about the debut album by Dan Berridge across three magazines and a couple of sites – you can read my feature on Dan here. Broadway Project’s Compassion somehow conjured widescreen sense from an already overworked sampler, whose bank of stolen sounds took in everything from modern classical, rock solos and obtuse vocals.

After Ollie’s set went down a storm, I managed to coax Dan out of DJ retirement for an unlikely set of thoughtful beats and wide-eyed orchestration at Deconstructed Live #21 which matched his own material – PJ Harvey next to  the Soulsaver’s Love, next to Ursula Rucker, next to Four Tet – perfect, and the kind of set I’ve only ever heard  at DC. His new album, One Divided Soul, is a cracker.

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