DC Live: Ollie Jacob (Memphis Industries) DJ Set

Deconstructed Live #5, recorded in 2001, featured Ollie Jacob, head honcho of the Memphis Industries record label. At the time, and after just a few EPs, the Memphis Industries imprint had established itself as one of the most progressive independent label operating in the UK.

If the Walkabout EP from Blue States took the biscuit in terms of breakbeat orientated lounge core, Nothing Changes Under The Sun made off with the tin, while the Compassion album from Broadway Project combined DJ Shadow’s cut and paste approach with the sixties film aesthetic of Portishead and the optimism of Saint Etienne, conjuring cinematic sense from a thousand densely packed, stolen  snatches of sound. I’d written about much of the labels back catalogue, and interviewed Dan Broadway for a few publications, the chance to book label honcho Ollie was unmissable. Great set. More Memphis here.

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