Deconstructed Live: Caribou/Manitoba DJ Set (part 1)

Dan Snaith (aka Caribou/Manitoba) arrived at Deconstructed Live following a reconnoiter from The Leaf Label boss Tony Morley, who hit our turntables a month or so before. Dan’s debut album – Start Breaking My Heart – had just dropped on Leaf as Manitoba and underlined his status amongst the chattering electronic classes – cooking up messed beats, lost grooves and a future jazz mentality in a single frothy disc which stabbed, hooted and crinkled its way through swathes of rich percussion. I loved the record so much, I had the privilege of writing Dan’s biography for All Music.

Anyway, Tony reported back positively and sent Dan west. Caribou played ’em like he made ’em, with a mix of obscure pysch rock and jeep beats – one of my favourite sets from the 100 or so dates. The night passed without incident, though a couple of ladies seemed out of place in the bar. Building up courage, they finally walked up to the DJ booth and popped the question – turns out they’d travelled down 100 miles or so to see Dan play, as they shared the rare surname – Snaith. Sweet. Next day, we hit the beach for some Cornish sunshine before dropping him back at the train.

Caribou/Manitoba Dj Set @ Www.Deconstructed.Co.Uk by Deconstructed on Mixcloud

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